Top 5 Healthy Foods Recommended by a General Tijuana Dentist

Healthy gums and teeth are vital for cosmetic and health reasons. Individuals always will prefer a beautiful smile. Flossing and brushing daily, as well as regular visits to the general Tijuana dentist, guarantee a healthy mouth, yet there’s more to that process.

Did you know that the foods you eat could improve your teeth or cause damage? For example, consuming a lot of sugar foods will ruin your teeth. Meanwhile, the absence of sugar is great. The existence of acids, eating away at enamel is not good. 

Below you will understand more about the foods, which are healthy for your teeth and are recommended by your general dentist. 


  • Water 


Not all are aware, but water provides a lot of health benefits to the teeth. It cleanses the mouth, and it enables saliva to deposit essential minerals vital to improving your teeth. What’s more, water keeps your gums hydrated. It washes away trapped food, which could decompose and cause bad breath. 


  • Fruits that contain Vitamin C like citrus, strawberries, and apples


Vitamin C helps to hold the cells together. Vitamin C is excellent for your skin and your gums too. People who don’t get sufficient vitamin C tend to experience deterioration of the collagen network. That makes your gums tender and more likely to attract bacteria, causing periodontal disease. 


  • Vegetables are great for your teeth as well


Broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, and pumpkins are loaded with Vitamin A. You see, Vitamin A is ideal in the development of tooth enamel. Furthermore, crunchy veggies cleanse and stimulate gums. Your dentist would recommend you and also will be glad to know you are eating greener, leafy vegetables.


  • Unsweetened milk and yogurt are ideal for gums and teeth


Unsweetened milk and yogurt are low in acid. Always bear in mind that foods that are high in acid wear your tooth enamel away. On the other hand, milk provides a lot of calcium, keeping your teeth looking healthy and strong. 


  • Drink tea instead of coffee


Many people grab a coffee in the morning. However, it is smart to go green tea as an alternative because is much healthier and also has caffeine which will help you to stay awake. Green is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant plant compound, which avoid plaque from attaching to your teeth. 

Furthermore, polyphenols help in lowering the possibilities of developing gum diseases and cavities. Green tea also lowers the likelihood of having bad breath, as it delays the development of bacteria, causing mouth odor. 

A wide array of green teas has fluoride. You see, fluoride helps safeguard your tooth enamel from any decay. A Tijuana dentist would support you to begin mornings with green tea instead of sipping a cup of coffee. 

There you have it! These top five foods for your teeth will help take care of your gums and teeth. It will surely prevent you from having a toothache. Ask your Tijuana dentist about other teeth-friendly foods during your next visit. Your dentist is a wonderful source of information when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy.