The use of stevia to improve our health

Society is well aware of the impact that sugar consumption has on our overall health, not only because it causes life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, but it can also affect the well-being of certain parts of our body, such as our teeth. In recent years there have been different variants to replace the use of sugar such as Splenda, agave honey, and, in this case, stevia.

Stevia is a plant that, thanks to its properties and taste, has become a perfect substitute for sugar. Compared to other products, they contain many beneficial properties for our bodies. With the use of this plant, it is possible to sweeten our food and beverages with less amount of product because the sweet taste contained in the plant is quite sweet.

Benefits of Stevia Consumption

  • Unlike sugar, this sweetener does not provide calories to our body, so it is a necessary element for those who have a diet where it is not possible to consume so many calories.
  • People who have diseases such as diabetes can choose this plant because it is amicable and tolerated by the body of people with diabetes. Several doctors recommend the intake of this plant since it has been observed that it reduces the percentage of glucose in the blood and helps to secrete insulin, a significant problem for those individuals who have type 2 diabetes.
  • Another group of people who are recommended the intake of stevia is for those who have hypertension problems and that this plant helps to stabilize the heart rate.
  • The stevia plant has antibacterial elements, so it helps to control the bacteria that cause infections in the body.

It is crucial that before consuming this natural product, we must take into account the specific characteristics of this plant.

  • The taste of stevia is very strong, so it is not for the taste of many. Having a bitter taste that we can relate to the taste of metal makes many people choose another option. Definitely, due to its liking, not many people consume this product despite all the benefits that the plant brings.
  • Although we can adapt to the flavor, it is very complicated to introduce them to certain foods, mainly those sweets such as desserts. So only those establishments that offer healthier products only make use of this natural ingredient.
  • We must bear in mind that it is better to have a stevia plant than to buy stevia on the market. This is because many times, the companies add other products so that the bitter taste is lost, causing that the benefits mentioned before are not obtained in their totality.

How much do we use?

Since it is a reasonably sweet product, it is not necessary to use the same amount that you use in sugar. If you use the natural plant, only half a teaspoon of leaves will be enough to sweeten our drinks. It is practically a question of trying it little by little, but they mustn’t be the same portions as with sugar. This product is ideal for use to sweeten teas as they provide antioxidant properties.

We recommend that you better choose the plant so that you can get all the benefits of this plant. Actually, this type of plant grows very fast and with little care so it can be kept in a small pot. On the other hand, the use of this element is perfect for preventing periodontal problems, so the biological dentistry Tijuana highly recommends it.