The Best Soft Foods

It is very common that when people get sick or are in some treatment like preparation for dental implants in Tijuana, they have to make a soft diet and it is impossible for them in the first case to digest and in the second to chew it, so the soft diet is always required in this type of cases, however many people struggle for this type of diets because they do not know what they can eat and think they can stay hungry, however this is a totally wrong idea, there are many types of food that can be prepared for a soft diet. 

First let’s start talking about what is the soft diet, the soft diet consists of eating foods that are soft and easy to digest, this in order to alleviate or avoid certain types of discomfort that may occur in people due to different circumstances that can range from gastrointestinal problems to dental issues. These are some of the food recommendations you need to follow when you are on a soft diet: 

  • Avoid eating foods rich in fiber such as raw vegetables and fruits, as well as whole legumes. 
  • Avoid dairy products, sauces and fats in general, as these are of prolonged digestion.
  • Avoid red meats, sausages, blue fish and seafood.
  • Avoid whole grains and starches. 

Here’s an example of a soft-food menu that will help you: 


Water, infusion or broth 

2 slices of toasted bread 

1 yogurt 


White rice

1 chicken or white fish fillet 

1 baked fruit 

Vegetable broth to drink 


Vegetable broth

1 slice of bread 

1 piece of fresh cheese 


Cream or mashed vegetables  

1 piece of tofu or 2 boiled eggs 

1 banana 

Vegetable broth 

Some other options of soft diet that are good are the mashed potato, the white rolls, the broth of potato, the broth of vegetables, all type of creams, of corn, carrot, pumpkin, among many others more; fillet of fish to the plate, the juices of fruits and natural vegetables, smoothies among many others more. 

These are just some food tips that a person who is about to follow a soft diet or who is in one and no longer knows what to eat should follow, best of all is that each of these meals is prepared with healthy ingredients that can help you in addition to meet the goal of fulfilling the soft diet, lose weight and be healthier, as they also serve for good detoxification. When you follow a soft diet is very important to be careful with the foods that will be part of the diet because an imbalance in our body is quite likely if you do not take the precaution of consuming the food necessary for a proper diet. If you have any doubt you can also consult your dentist or your doctor, as the case may be, he will be able to make some useful recommendations.