Foods You Need To Avoid This Christmas

We are almost at Christmas, and at this time, it is normal for people to abuse the consumption of certain foods that are not necessarily good for their health. This is why it is necessary that, even though these are the days when we usually eat a lot, there is always a balance in the food. Typically, foods eaten at Christmas are very high in fat and sugar, which can lead to the emergence of bacteria that can endanger people’s health. Commonly, after this season, many people go to cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana for treatments that can improve the appearance of the feelings after this time.

Foods that are bad for teeth

The eggnog- Although it is a very rich drink, the consumption of this product can be very harmful to the health and aesthetics of the teeth. Especially for the sugar because the accumulation of this element generates that the bacteria are deposited in certain areas to later feed on the sugar that remains in the teeth, causing tooth decay. It can be said to be the perfect feast for harmful microorganisms.

Cranberry sauce- Just because it contains cranberries, it doesn’t mean it’s a healthy product for teeth. Although blueberries bring many benefits to the oral cavity, such as eliminating the bacteria that cause cavities, this jelly format is just the opposite. The high percentage of sugar they contain only spreads the increase in bacteria.

Wine- To understand why wine is harmful to our teeth, we have to remember that teeth have microscopic cracks which can stain very easily. Because wine contains extreme pigmentation, this type of pigmentation is likely to build up in the breaks and thus change the color of the tooth enamel. On the other hand, rosé or white wine also affects the teeth, and this due to the high acid content that it has; this causes the protective layer to weaken and lower the defenses.

Hot Drinks- As we mentioned, because the tooth has small cracks, the change in temperature can cause sensitivity in the teeth, which is very annoying for the person.

The cookies- Although it is rich dessert, contain high levels of sugar that can generate cavities, so it is recommended that its consumption is not excessive. If the person already suffers from cavities, cookies can further damage the problem.

Stuffing at meals- It is common for people to prepare stuffed turkey at Christmas dinner, but the contents of this stuffing can damage the state of the teeth. This is because they contain a high percentage of starch, one of the foods preferred by bacteria. Because they are sticky products, they are more likely to stick to tooth walls, causing microorganisms to stagnate in tooth pieces.

Candy- It is well known about the harmful effects of candy. It is that those who consume this type of product excessively often have many problems related to the accumulation of bacteria. This is due to the sugar they contain and its consistency that is easily left on the teeth. On the other hand, many times, there remain particles that, when brushing the teeth, can scrape the teeth, thus weakening the enamel.