5 Typical Mexican Desserts

Something not to be missed after a delicious meal is dessert, and one of the best places to try new flavors is definitely in Mexico. Thanks to all the variety of ingredients that exist in this extensive territory, it is possible to prepare desserts that we will only find within Mexico. Some desserts are better known than others, but those that never miss your visit to the country are the following:


It is the ideal dessert to accompany your walk within the cities and is that this food can be found in any city in the country. But if we were asked about which are the richest, without a doubt, we would say that they are those of the center of the country. Can you imagine walking through the colonial streets while you are enjoying your churros? Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Well, this exquisite dessert is made from an elongated-shaped dough that is cooked in boiling oil at the time of taking them out of the frying pan, a layer of sugar, or a combination of sugar and cinnamon is placed on them. There are many street stalls and restaurants that offer this food, but we recommend you visit those popular and traditional. They can be enjoyed with a hot chocolate or with a milkshake. If you are within the CDMX, we advise you to visit the famous churrería “El Moro.”

Rice pudding

It is one of the typical Mexican desserts that is never missing in any family party. Its easy preparation and the exquisite flavor is very popular among the Mexican population. It is a typical dessert anywhere in the country, so it will be easy to find. It’s made with rice, milk, condensed milk, and cinnamon; traditional rice pudding is accompanied by raisins and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

It is ideal for holidays because it can be eaten hot while you live with your family, although it can also be eaten cold. It can be said that it is the dessert best known by all Mexicans. Almost all hotels offer this type of dessert, as in Puerto Peñasco condos.

Corn Bread

Also known as “cake or corn pie”, this dessert is the perfect combination of sweet and creamy texture. In September, different municipalities in the State of Mexico celebrate the Feria del Elote (Corn Fair), where it is possible to consume the best cornbread since the inhabitants use their best ingredients to make them. Currently, it can be found in different establishments, but they are usually very select. If you want to try this dessert, we recommend that you ask some of the inhabitants of the place where you are the best establishment of this dessert. You can accompany it with a cold glass of milk and enjoy its exquisite taste.


Although it is not exclusively a dessert from Mexico, buñuelos are part of the country’s typical gastronomy. They are commonly sold in September and December. This delicious dessert is made of dough that is put into a frying pan and then sprinkled with sugar. The mixture with which this dessert is made is mixed with milk or water, egg, and yeast.

Depending on where you are, it is possible to find stuffed buñuelos. This dessert can be obtained in bakeries or one or the other street stall.

Tequila flamed bananas

Although bananas are a very common dessert in different parts of the world, in Mexico, they can be prepared in different ways, but the most popular is with the typical drink of the country, tequila. This dessert can be found in many restaurants anywhere in the Republic.