3 Rookie Tips for Buying a Food Truck

Buying a food truck is the most exciting, and stressful, step to starting your business. You are about to be your own boss, enter a creative field, and make a profit in a field that allows you to spread your passion of cuisine with people from your local city. But if you buy a food truck that isn’t suited for your business, your ability to make a profit and grow can be decimated. This is why you need to buy a food truck from reputable food truck builders that know how to design a platform centered around your business model and growth goals. But you are new to the food truck business, so this article is offering three tips to help newbies make smart decisions they they set off to buy a food truck. 


  1. Buy a Food Truck that Will Allow Your Business to Grow

When you buy a food truck, make sure the company has a stronghold on business development. Often, food truck builders will expect the client to come with their specs and requests grounded in growth goals, but when you are buying a food truck from a top builder they are your partner, and will work with you to ensure the build will help you hit your revenue goals. 

This means the food truck platform has to accommodate your current needs by offering the right space and equipment, but also have room for adding more employees and additional equipment, storage, and workspace without going too big (going to big can cause you to bleed money). That said, when buying a food truck make sure the food truck designer understands your business model, goals, and you build a food truck that’s perfect for your current and future needs. 


  1. Buying a Food Truck that’s New of Used

Aspiring food truck businesses contemplate this subject almost all the time. On one hand, buying a food truck that’s used may seem like a smart investment because you are sure to save thousands on the up front cost. And while this may be true, the reality is that in the long run you will likely lose 10 times that amount and could even be forced to close your business. Last year more than 80 percent of new food trucks failed to make a profit, and the main thing they all had in common that lead to failure was this: they bought used food trucks that required countless expensive repairs. In addition to having to pay for repairs on food truck equipment, the engine, and other mechanical and technical elements, when a food truck is in the shop getting repairs, it is off the road unable to make money, and customers go elsewhere. This is why buying a new food truck from a reputable builder is the better investment, and one that is highly cost-saving. 


  1. Buying a Food Truck that’s Painted or Vinyl Wrapped 

Where you plan to run your business should heavily factor into how your exterior food truck design is laid out. When you buy a food truck let the builder know where you plan to serve your customers, as well as the general weather conditions. For example, if you plan to sell surf and turf or ice cream by the beach, a vinyl wrap food truck design would be better because paint is too vulnerable by the beach due to the salinity levels in the air. Vinyl wraps last longer and can withstand weather like strong winds blowing debris, hail, and even extreme heat that can fade paint colors. Vinyl is easier to maintain and has a longer life, though many like the look of paint. Just be sure to discuss these options when buying a food truck from a top builder.